March '10


Line up: the Anna Montan 5-tet plus special guestsinger/writer Peter Goedhart.
Anna Montan vocal, Patrick Lauwerends bass, Augusto Pirodda piano, Franklin Caesar sax/flute, Arie Verhaar drums and Peter Goedhart live voice-over.

The beginning. The inspiration. Acoustic bass and voice in a short basic blues that reflects the pain in the south of the US in the 19th century.
Then a timeless blues about the ongoing longing for love, in a blink.
For now begins the journey along Jazz and Keroncong in the 20th century in which composers are driven by love, desperately or blissful, in the East and in the West.

You’re gonna be on tour with Anna Montan, who leads you along her inspriational sources. A cross-over trip in blues, jazz and Indonesian Traditionals.