May '11

CD-release “CINTA”, 2011

Anna-nieuws6-1-300x194“A tribute to Jazz & Keroncong,
dancing together on a plaiting
of their rhythms and tones,
creating their own unique sound.”  © A.Montan

The CD “CINTA” is released in the Bintang Theatre at the Tong Tong Festival 2011, The Hague.

Before the release the Duo played live on the national Radio 1 en Radio 5 and got airtime in Hotel Central on Radio 6.

Anna-nieuws6-2At the releaseof the CD, on the 26th of may 2011, George Dankmeyer received the first copy.
CD “CINTA”  (“Love” in Indonesia) is a special mix of east and west, of Asian and western scales & rhythms: the product of two quirky musicians.

Patrick plays the  basspart as well as the harmonic part, on acoustic and electric bass. The voice floats above this, where Anna adds little subtile percussion instruments, also pentatonic gambangs. Everything in double function.
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May '11

CD CINTA is listed in the ‘Luisterpaal’ on

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May '11

Interview with Anna Montan & Patrick Lauwerends in De Sobat, 2011

Anna Montan & Patrick Lauwerends create a plaiting of krontjong en jazz
06-05-2011, De Sobat

At the Tong Tong Festival 2011 jazz-singer Anna Montan and acoustic bassplayer Patrick Lauwerends their new cd Cinta. This is a as daring as successful crossover of jazz and krontjong. The past two years the duo already showed a preview in the Bintang-Theatre. Musician and music recencent George Dankmeyer named their duo-style “daring, very original and virtuoso”. Cinta is a special mix of krontjong and jazz, product of two quirky musicians.
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April '11

Live on national Radio 1!

The 16th of may we will perform live on Radio 1 a few songs of our upcoming CD!
Program: OVT , VPRO on national Radio 1.

September '10

Soundtrack documentary “Tuan Papa”

The documentary “Tuan Papa” tells the story of children born in 1947-1949, in the former colonial Dutch Indies. Then children, now adults, searching for their unknown Dutch fathers who fought in the homeland of their Indonesian mothers. The docu calles them ‘war-love-childs’. (‘oorlogs-liefde-kinderen’)

The 1st of july 2010 the docu was broadcasted on television by the NPS in a “Andere Tijden Special”.

Soundtrack: P.M.Lauwerends.
The soundtrack “Tuan Bapak” is recorded on CD “CINTA” (2011).
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