December '15

Jazz CD in progress

… starting with a few pre-recordings in 2015…




November '15

Thnx to our public!

…. it was a very pleasant atmosphere!!





October '15

Together again, every now and then…

rob-c-240x159Ten years ago I had the opportunity to work with Rob Agerbeek. Especially my mom always loved his boogie, but we played something different in my jazz 5-tet.
Rob knows it all!
Last year we got together again, only this time with just the two of us. This has lead to a rather lively repertoire of mainstream songs. Come and enjoy us having a good time!

October '15

Radio Indigo

Thursday the 9th of april I am invited by Maud Guldenaar, Radio Indigo in Rijswijk. About our Krontjong-Jazz and swing.
Nice program, with calling listeners from the US!

November '14

A success!

Souterrain P3, at Martha’s place in Rotterdam, the 9th of november. It was a joy to play here again!
Intimate concert in full house!