October '15

Together again, every now and then…

rob-c-240x159Ten years ago I had the opportunity to work with Rob Agerbeek. Especially my mom always loved his boogie, but we played something different in my jazz 5-tet.
Rob knows it all!
Last year we got together again, only this time with just the two of us. This has lead to a rather lively repertoire of mainstream songs. Come and enjoy us having a good time!

October '15

Radio Indigo

Thursday the 9th of april I am invited by Maud Guldenaar, Radio Indigo in Rijswijk. About our Krontjong-Jazz and swing.
Nice program, with calling listeners from the US!

November '14

A success!

Souterrain P3, at Martha’s place in Rotterdam, the 9th of november. It was a joy to play here again!
Intimate concert in full house!



March '14

CINTA 2.0!

The CONCERTS  CINTA 2.0!  are the follow-up of “CINTA” by Duo Montan & Lauwerends. Their CD ‘CINTA’ combines Jazz and Keroncong from Indonesië in a plaiting of sound and rhythms.CINTA-2-150x150
In CINTA 2.0! the earlier combination of voice, percussion and bass is extended with flutes/sax and piano.
The repertoire is enriched with originals and with more of the great composers of Indonesia like Budiman BJ., Ismanto and of course Gesang.
The public is travelling along from Blues towards Keroncong towards Jazz into… CINTA 2.0!
A dynamic mix of East and West!

IN THE THEATREIMG_2452-a-150x150
In the theatre CINTA 2.0! presents an inspirational performance full of music and dance.
The beginning. The inspiration. Acoustic bass and voice in a short basic blues that reflects the pain in the south of the US in the 19th century.
Then a timeless blues about the ongoing longing for love, in a blink.
For now begins the journey along Jazz and Keroncong in the 20th century in which composers are driven by love, desperately or blissful, in the East and in the West.