Summer 2018: festivals in The Hague + Rotterdam with new 4-tet!

MONTAN & LAUWERENDS Keroncong-Jazz 4-tet
Anna Montan vocal, percussion
Patrick Lauwerends acoust., el. bass
Zane Wayne Massey flute, sax
Renadi Santoso percussion, flute, guitar
Rahmida Patmawati/Nova Marseline Jav. trad.+modern dance

See AGENDA for dates and festivals

In 2018 we create new Keroncong-Jazz repertoire, with new sounds!
We create new arranged keroncong traditionals and original compositions of our own, in a cross-over of jazz with etnic keroncong elements, and lyrics in Englis and Bahasa Indonesia.
Where and when possible, our dancers join us, a very special addition to our music!